Nov 10

tiny actions

Lately, I’ve been trying to take small steps to further simplify our buying patterns.

Reusable shopping bags as a daily habit was the first tiny action. When we couldn’t find any plastic bags in the house that helped me realize that I can change my patterns pretty easily but it takes time and consistency to see the results.

We’ve recently started running low on some of our toiletry soaps, and I spent a morning going through our bathroom shelves and stashes to find all the little hotel-size soaps we have collected in the past few months. I’ve made a commitment to using up these products before purchasing another big bottle of shampoo or refilling our Dr. Bronner’s. I know it’s a microaction but it makes me think about how many people store up barely-used bottles of product in their bathroom shelves… and how much we women will pay for the next greatest hair product. GUILTY!

Another area of micro action for me is learning how to use natural products for cleaning. I’ve been researching and trying out ways to use baking soda and vinegar to clean. So far, I’m not too thrilled with the smell of vinegar but I remain hopeful.

Finally, I’ve been learning how to use dried beans! It’s been fun to create soups and experiment with different flavor combos using seasonal produce and beans and grains in the crock pot. I love throwing some things together in the morning, and having a big pot of warm food waiting for me at night.

I know these are little things and might not seem worth mentioning — the beans, the baking soda, the hotel soaps… but it’s all a small part of this transformation away from unquestioning consumerism.

shampoo bottles hotel

3 Responses to “tiny actions”

  1. jilliankay Says:

    little bits add up! :-) let me know if you find any cleaning recipes you like a lot. i’m using up the cleaning products i have before i switch…

  2. mdog Says:

    so will you still keep the hotel stuff from trips as a way to reduce spending, or will you leave them to reduce consuming? i always use my own stuff since i’m picky [ha, no, really?], so i don’t think i’ve ever taken any. i did snag a teeny-tiny sewing “travel kit” once… super helpful. it was the only thread in my apartment for a couple of years, i’m sure.

    i need to work on the dried beans thing.

  3. Livia Blackburne Says:

    Post cleaning recipes and bean recipes?

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