Dec 11

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We’ve been out and about around the world traveling for the past couple of weeks. We spent 10 days in Jamaica to attend and photograph Crystal and Andreas’ wedding in Montego Bay. We also extended that trip so we could celebrate our wedding anniversary a bit early. Then, we found out that tickets to see my family in Texas on Christmas were going to cost almost $2,000 – and made a last minute shift to celebrate holiday visits two weeks early; we spent this past weekend in Austin and Dallas visiting Granny O and the crew.

    • With one day between Jamaica and Texas, I managed to get through laundry and a few other things but my plans were derailed when we realized that we couldn’t find the car key. We’re still looking for it.
    • We can use the car with the backup valet key, but my GPS is locked in the glove compartment and not accessible with said valet key. And it turns out I can’t get anywhere new in my own city without my GPS. Booo!
    • Then that afternoon when I went to the grocery store to get some things for dinner, I hit a curb and got a flat tire. So yeah, a little bit of car drama. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!

I’m looking forward to editing a few final shoots for 2011 this week, spending a second christmas eve alone with my husband (secret yay!) and then spending some time with Ali’s family in California before New Years.

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