Mar 12

any day now…

So today is the “official” due date but our son seems pretty snug in there for awhile. So until further notice, in answer to your question HAVE YOU HAD THAT KID YET? answer.
I’m going about life as normally as possible for someone with a squashed bladder, and planning without commitment to easy social and business outings to keep my mind off the anxiety of waiting. The overnight bag is packed, the diapers are ready to be filled, and we have everything as ready as possible… today I am looking forward to getting lunch at my new favorite thai restaurant around the corner, having tea with some other Portland business owners, and possibly doing in some final maternity self-portraits at the studio.

Here are a couple of links that I’ve recently enjoyed:

Pregnancy Etiquette: Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman
I’m generally a social over-sharer, so I don’t mind giving people personal information within reason. BUT: I have been appalled by the autopilot questions people ask a pregnant woman, often in a social situation that makes it extra uncomfortable not to answer — “was this planned?” “were you guys trying for long?” are among the worst offenders, and people don’t think twice about asking that (REALLY?).

I think this one is specific to me, but I also get really annoyed when strangers and acquaintances ask what we’re going to name our son (we’re keeping it secret). I’m fine with friends asking this question as it can be relevant to other baby conversation, but when the Macy’s saleslady fired it off in a series of five other logistic questions I just wanted to punch her in the face. I don’t care to explain my choices to her because she’s bored on the sales floor, I just wanted to browse their nursing tank tops in silence.

While we’re on the topic of pregnancy etiquette, let’s talk about people who have had kids. I understand that many of the choices we’re making may seem na├»ve and we’ll probably learn the hard way on some things (ok, we’re probably not going to be able to get away with a plastic-free home…) but don’t you dare roll your eyes at me when YOU ASK and I tell you we’re at a birth center with midwives not doctors, and are choosing a more natural birth plan. The typical response is “good luck with that honey.” It’s basically exactly like the women share in this post: People’s Reactions to Natural Birth.

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