Nov 10


2010 was the year I just stopped.

I stopped running my own business. I stopped spending time following the work of other photographers. I stopped caring quite as much about keeping up with the Joneses and learned to stop hoarding things “just in case.”

Minimalism and decluttering changed my life story.

When I stepped back from frantically trying to do everything all the time, my schedule changed drastically. I started to be more thoughtful in the choices I made. I started to spend time doing things I love, like read books and think about healthy lifestyle choices.

I still spend way too much time on the internet following rabbit trails that are interesting, but not useful. I am still trying to keep myself from buying things I don’t need with money that’s not mine. As everybody, I am a work in progress.

This blog is eccentric and scattered. It’s been my personal playground to explore different topics and see what readers are thinking about the same. If I ever come off as sounding too serious or self-important somebody please slap me.

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